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Monday, December 27, 2004

Introducing Huichieh

Hui-chieh, or as most friends call him, 'Loy,' is from Singapore (1.17N, 103.51E -- in case you are wondering). His professional interests--i.e., the stuff he does in order to keep his ricebowl--centers around research in ancient Chinese philosophy. But he is also interested in ancient Greek philosophy, early modern and contemporary political philosophy...in fact, he is happy to discuss most things (theological, philosophical, historical, literary, political) under the sun. But when all the things have been heard and said, Loy is a Bible believer who takes Paul at his word when he said, "critically examine all things (panta de dokimazete), hold fast the good (to kalon katechete)" -- 1 Thes 5:21. When the books are set aside, Loy looks for small critters--armed with his digital camera. The grey squirrels of UC Berkeley have a special place in his heart, but not so special as the place that Elaine--to whom he is happily married--has. (My blogger profile)


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