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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just how hard it is to take a family shot nowadays

Life was so much simpler just a mere year ago. Then, Penelope was still in mommy's womb, and there was only Amy to join us at the table. Now, the family is slightly expanded. Penelope is out and about, and Amy the bear has been joined by--from left to right--Ploppy the 12" duck (from Grandma), Moomoo the cow (from Nainai), Ninnin (on top of Moomoo; pronounced as in hanyu pinyin, 2nd tone, light tone), and Stripey (from Auntie Dianne).


Here's a bigger picture of all 8 of us taken on Loy's birthday this year, with an apple crumble gracing the table again. Long may we be able to continue this tradition!