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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Because there is no reason that I alone should be idle when so many are toiling

UPDATE: My blog has moved to From a Singapore Angle as of Jan 22.

I've started a new blog: Singapore Tsunami Relief Effort, dedicated to the Singaporeans involved in helping our neighbours affected by the earthquake and tsunami of December 2004. This allows me both to do something that I've meant to do soon after the events of 26 Dec, and also keep Ripostes for its original purposes. As for my motivation for the new blog, I'll let the following story say it for me:

Once upon a time, when tidings came to the city of Corinth that King Philip...was coming with an army to lay siege to the city; the Corinthians, being stricken with great fear, began busily and earnestly to look about them and to fall to work...Their labor was seen by Diogenes the philosopher, who, having no profitable work that he could help with immediatly girded about him his philosophical cloak, and began to roll and tumble his great barrel or tub (in which he dwelled--for he would not live elsewhere) up and down upon the hillside that lies adjoining to the city...On of his friends, seeing this...came and asked him: why are you doing this?...I am tumbling my tub, Diogenes said, because there is no reason that I alone should be idle when so many are toiling...

Modified from the preface of Ralph Robinson's 1516 English Translation of Thomas More's Utopia


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