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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Christian Moms: called to be faithful, not perfect

A Happy Mothers' Day to all moms, including mine!

May this interview of former Christian Parenting Today editor Carla Barnhill by Jane Johnson Struck be an encouragement to all you Christian moms who aspire, or have aspired, to be "the perfect Proverbs 31 mother". I have found much wisdom in her words, her point about trusting wholly in God's goodness for the well-being of our children touching me in particular. God willing, we shall very soon have our little one in our arms.

And as a tribute to all parents who desire to be, who are, or/and have been, good godly examples to their children, here's an audio sample from a lovely song entitled "We Love You" by the Herbster Trio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! May you have a beautiful baby girl/boy! =)

4:03 AM  

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