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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shakespeare's coming to Ripostes!

Attention all teachers, students, and lovers of Shakespeare! There's soon going to be a new website dedicated to the man whose works are "a bridge between the world we have lost and the world that we have become." (Michael Wood, In Search of Shakespeare) To whet your appetite a little, and to pre-empt some of those "oh, not another Shakespeare website!" groans, this website will bring together some of the best and most interesting articles on the bard, and tips on how to read Shakespeare aloud, point you to some of the most useful sites on Othello, and also clarify the meaning of some favourite terms like "hamartia". Among other features, there will also be a section on the stage and page debate, and also one that attempts to answer common students' questions like: Why Shakespeare? What have we to do with a dead white male?

Why the title "JC Shakespeare"? This website was designed initially with JC teachers and students in mind. The project, however, has broadened so as to include things which may not be of direct interest or relevance to the 'A' level Shakespeare syllabus. I have been working on and off on materials for such a website for ages now, and think that I should realise my plans for a Shakespeare website soon or I may never get it going.

Do watch out for the link that I shall provide soon for my biggest, most ambitious web project yet!

Note: For those of you who are not familiar with the Singapore or British education system, JC refers to junior college, which corresponds in a way to Grades 11 and 12 (I think). The JC is a place where many Singapore students have fond memories--and also unforgettable ones--of never having had to work harder to get good grades at the 'A' level examinations so as to qualify for their university of choice. I still remember dropping my cup of coffee (yes, coffee) on the history textbook on my lap one night when I dozed off while cramming for a history exam.


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