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Friday, July 22, 2005

If perhaps the Lord wills...

It's encouraging to observe that there have been several comments posted on an post of mine entitled "Neither Healthy nor Gospel: The Health and Weath Gospel". A commentor going by "cyberanger" asked a question concerning the Lord's will:
Do you agree that we will have to pray according to God's Will? Is it God's Will to heal or not to heal? God is NOT the author of confusion...people are confused.
My husband (Loy) was prompted to reply at length. He (Loy) says that there's a lot more that can be said on the subject, and he expresses some dissatisfaction with the reply, but "it will have to do for now".


Blogger cybeRanger said...

Do you trust God for healing or test God for healing? Only God knows your heart...

5:25 AM  

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